Professional Development Series #1

July 10th, 2019

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Diego Salazar Antique Frames
21-25 44th Ave
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Long Island City, NY 11101
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Professional Development Series #1
Presentation - Increase Your Value

About this Event:
This is the first in a continuing series of talks presented by LIC ARTS OPEN covering all areas of fine arts. In this first talk, ‘Presentation – Increase Your Value’ local photographer and sometime curator, interior designer and architect, Orestes Gonzalez, will speak on the subject of how to present your work. Many artists present work that although their subject matter or content is thoughtful and deep the finished presentation is often muted by simple mistakes. Orestes has always put as much care into how the work is finally presented as he did in the execution of the actual photography.

For example, Orestes book, Julio’s House, is beautifully laid out without regard saving money but cutting corners. Hence apart from one page of four photos of his uncle Julio arranged in a square throughout the rest of the book each photo is given an entire page. Text is sparse and relevant. Orestes’ talk will be followed by a short networking session where free drinks and refreshments will be provided.

Full Video - Professional Development Series #1

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