Timothy Mutzel
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
4545 CENTER BLVD APT 710 - Studio# 710

Phone: 9179351381

Email: timothymutzel@gmail.com

Website:: www.timothymutzel.com

Artist Bio:
For me, making art is an alchemical endeavor. Marking up a surface I imagine I'm exploring the nature from which we're all made: Emotions and chemical bonds conjured up from the colors and lines I put on a surface.

Painting and drawing engage multiple senses: The energy radiating to the brush or pencil and reverberating back, the torque and weight of the line, how easily it flows - noticing how thoughts are influenced by these sensations and stimulated by the marks seen. As the various frequencies and patterns merge, preferences for certain curves, colors and textures are formed. A narrative begins, an argument needs to be resolved.

The process engenders conceptual word-thoughts for me. My art practice facilitates analytical thinking although I imagine and follow idiosyncratic rules, maybe subconscious, maybe physiological, to help channel and direct the flow of my work. A quirk of movement can create a mark that, in an instant, becomes the driving force of an artwork. Gestural shapes take form as fantastical beasts. Many evolve to depict multiple forms in a vast arrangement of psychological space.

From the imagery that guides me through a picture to the intersection between my own physical body and the making of the art, the artwork's dependency on who and what I am for its creation illuminates me. I treat this as a form of divination. Thinking about the visual data transcribed on a surface takes me inside the mind that I inhabit.

I play a lot with phenomenological space, observing my reality, trying to delineate the connection between the world outside and within. I have an almost neurotic emotional memory of gestures and textures. Working with the marks I make, I discover horns, bodies, fur - immense structures can spring into being. Matter and energy, to be represented with quick lines or labored shapes, sometimes flat and graphic, sometimes modeled, sometimes gouged or scratched.

Set down in various ways, the rendering is always subordinate to the patterns, colors and lines of energy it's made from and contained within - an article of clothing worn, reflecting back the world of its wearer. Patterns, order, chaos and sunshine pop into being, diverting your attention for a moment as a story is told.

All images and text copyright Timothy Mutzel