Oscar De Luna
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
11-27 44th Road - Studio# 1st Floor

Email: deluna.oscar.eduardo@gmail.com

Artist Bio:
Mexican born;working with paint,sculpture,music and poetry for 10+ years .
Mixing pop culture with Mexican influence and traditional techniques such as papel mach??,focused on reusing and recycling daily use materials to create unique pieces that reflect my culture and heritage as well as my mind and feelings. Always open to collaborate with other artist to learn from them and share my knowledge too.

Artist Statement:
I work mainly with paper/cardboard and acrylics to create pieces that reflect my cultural heritage as well as pop culture,using different techniques to treat the paper/cardboard to achieve different textures and shapes. My goal is to show that we are surrounded by materials that can be turned into something unique and beautiful from something that otherwise would be considered "wasteful",to teach others about my culture and its vast heritage;my paintings,drawings and rhymes reflect my culture as well as my mind and thoughts triggered by the daily living.

All images and text copyright Oscar De Luna