Ana Santos
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
11-27 44th Road - Studio# Back



Artist Bio:
Ana started her artistic journey in Colombia, earning a Bachelor of Arts and a New Media degree from Andes University. Fascinated by the intersection of art and technology, she pursued digital filmmaking and multimedia upon arriving in New York. Collaborating with writers, she crafted interactive POVs, conducted educational workshops, and produced films and videos.

In recent years, feeling burnt out and disconnected from her roots, Ana has shifted her focus to nurturing meditations and exploring her interconnectedness through art. She works across mediums, including collage, print, mixed media, multimedia, photography, performance, and drawing. Ana is passionate about blending art with activism and environmentalism. She sees art installations and performances as a potent tool for fostering human introspection. Her mission is to challenge perceptions about our human-centered humanity, co-creation with other sentient beings, interbeing, and ethical and environmental responsibility.

Artist Statement:
I invite everyone to join me during the weekend to delve into discussions about the environmental crises, our relationship with the environment, and our connection with the land and this planet. You can participate in a performance or explore some of my educational/reflective booklets. The goal is to engage in practices and discussions that question our anthropocentrism and to delve deeper into ancestral knowledge and the interconnectedness with all life.

All images and text copyright Ana Santos