David Boyce
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
43-01 22nd St - Studio# 239

Email: david@davidboyce.net

Website:: davidboyce.net

Artist Bio:
I'm David Boyce, an artist born in Aotearoa New Zealand. I lived in Hong Kong for some 16 years and am now living and working in New York.
I describe myself as a conceptually driven visual artist who works across a variety of media.
My work is a continuing exploration of areas around influence and originality, memory, identity, and language. These are the areas that drive the bulk of my work. I also like to consider and explore ideas around beauty in the overlooked and mundane aspects of the everyday world. All these interests divide and sometimes converge and combine across the range of areas, themes and concepts that are part of my everyday interaction with the world.
My work is generally project driven and this results in distinct, individual, but still interrelated bodies of work. I tend to develop a form of narrative as part of what I do. This can take many different forms. In the past I worked primarily with images, now my work can also include objects, sounds and text in a way that forms a unified work. I want the viewer of my works to think, engage, and wonder. While aesthetic is important I also try to avoid making work that rests on a singular foundation.
I am also interested in work that is ephemeral and disposable. These can be simple text based works that I post on social media sites or more performative works around memory. I find that these projects inform and challenge my approach to my more traditional work.
Whilst working in a predominantly conceptual arena my work acknowledges a wide range of influences. These range from renaissance artists and traditional Chinese ink painters to impressionism and abstraction, minimalists to postmodernists.
My work is held in a number of collections in Aotearoa New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia.

Artist Statement:
I've always liked James Turrell statement "Art is a completed pass. You don't just throw it out into the world - someone has to catch it."

All images and text copyright David Boyce