Yalan Wen
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Artist Studios at 43-01 22nd Street - Studio# 436
43-01 22nd Street

Email: yalanwen01@gmail.com

Website:: https://yalanwen.com/

Artist Bio:
Yalan Wen is an artist based in New York City who works on computational images, new media installations, motion graphics as well as drawings/paintings. Born and raised in Taiwan, she developed her curiosity about art and science. Her work explores the subtle events that happen beyond the surface, finding the balance between simplicity and nuanced philosophical interpretations.

Her works have been exhibited in SIGGRAPH ASIA art gallery, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, CULTUREHUB Re-Fest, and West Harlem Art Fund on Governors Island. She has an MFA in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts, NY. After graduating, she has been sharing her work at places such as EVA Conference London, Queens College, CUNY, and the School of Visual Arts.

Artist Statement:
As an artist in the contemporary world, making paintings, installations, and mixed media artworks, Yalan Wen looks for the similarities between people's thoughts and actions to know what connects them. She takes inspiration directly from her surrounding environment. The subjects include aspects of ordinary life that usually go unnoticed. By putting them in an unexpected context, she changes their meanings.
Yalan's works playfully experiment with levels of consciousness and behavior such as inaction, omission, and aleatoric processes. The compositions or settings present poetic images that balance the work on the edge of recognition and alienation. They combine symbolic ideas and graphic language. Using programming for linear organization, and also randomness in the process, the artworks function with known and unknown elements.

Growing up surrounded by nature and observing it from a different perspective, she has found that nature itself poses infinite questions and provides answers. Nature is something that we all have experienced in common, and it becomes a motivation for Yalan to create something that people can relate to. Creating a feeling that touches people's hearts is something that she hopes to achieve in her artworks.

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