Michele Bonds
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Artist Studios at 43-01 22nd Street - Studio# 453
43-01 22nd Street

Email: michele@michelebonds.com

Website:: www.michelebonds.com

Artist Bio:
In complex, layered topographies of carved paper and mixed media, I explore the meeting point of order and chaos and the impact of these forces on the individual, social and historical fabrics. I weave abstract and representational imagery to create nuanced Rorschach-esque structures.

I left my multi-decade corporate career in 2020 to pursue my long-standing dream of becoming an artist. I grew up in the urban centers of California before landing in New York City. Throughout my life, I had been fascinated with complex human interactions and the connections that make up the global social fiber. The vibrant flora of California initiated my interest in natural fibers and my passion for textiles ignited when my mother taught me to sew by hand as a child.

While still in the corporate world, I took crafting classes at night and on weekends, learning knitting, soapmaking, color theory, and textile science for fun. I started making fine art in early 2021. Mark Bradford's work with found paper became an early inspiration, informing my artistic style and process.

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