James Seffens
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
Wills Building 3 - Studio# 106
43-50 11th Street

Email: seffensstudio@gmail.com

Website:: IG: @jimseffens

Artist Bio:
James Seffens grew up in an Ohio enclave populated by his extended family. It was a DIY, grow your
own sort of place, so naturally James taught himself to paint, build, and carve. He attended OSU,
obtaining a degree in geology. Upon moving to New York City in the 1970's he met and began
working with an older sculptor, Nicolas Cortes, who had a studio in Hell's Kitchen where he produced
store displays. James maintained a Hell's Kitchen storefront studio for 31 years, relocating to Long
Island City in 2011.

Artist Statement:
James Seffens
Artist Statement
Images in the forms of family photos and souvenir postcards often serve as a starting point for my
work. While mining this collection I put intent aside in favor of a sub-conscious selection process.
Some of the source material will stick in memory, calling out to be dealt with. In preparing drawings
from theses images there is much reflection on what they contain. In time a narrative emerges.
My medium is not traditionally used for fine art, but has a long history in the decorative arts. Oil-based
enamels, Japan colors, and varnishes were familiar to me as finishes which could be used to great
visual effect. A considerable amount of experimentation and exploration led to my process for adapting
these materials. The paintings are created in stages, over an extended period of time. Several thin layers
of paint are built-up and later reduced by sanding. It is slow process, the end is a combination of
results that were calculated, along with some surprises, a balance between intent and accident.

All images and text copyright James Seffens