Duane Bousfield
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 432
34-01 38th Avenue

Email: duane@duanebousfield.com

Website:: www.duanebousfield.com

Artist Bio:
"Duane Bousfield has cultivated a rich art practice that resists categorization and is admired internationally for the dexterity that unites the disparate aspects of his output. His work can be grouped into three distinct categories, Abstract Landscapes, Dreamscapes and Labyrinths. Bousfield's first solo exhibition will open in Summer 2023 at our Upper East Side gallery in NYC. " ??? Upsilon Gallery, 23 E. 67th St. 3fl. @MadisonAv.
T. +1 (646) 476-4190 James@upsilongallery.com

Artist Statement:
Using free-form geometry, foreground and background weave together in a glittering interplay of opalescence and translucency. Seeming to fly through dimensions, surface & texture are as important as the image. Like gazing into a crystal, facets of light pave the way through an enchanted realm.

All images and text copyright Duane Bousfield