Tina Glavan
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 425
34-01 38th Avenue

Phone: 9292552554

Email: tmg.encaustics@gmail.com

Website:: www.tmgartworks.com

Artist Bio:
Tina grew up in a tightly knit family that emigrated from Croatia. With several family members living in apartments within a three family home in Queens, NY, Tina spent time in the studio of one of her uncles who worked as an illustrator / graphic artist. His influence on her artistic development grew as she accompanied him to the various museums in New York City. Tina went on to study fine art in notable schools such as The Arts Student League and Parsons School of Design. She has worked as a graphic designer as well as an interior designer. Her love of color, materials and texture informs her current artistic practice.
Tina is a member of Long Island City Artists, LIC-A, a Queens based collective of local artists that exhibit regularly at Culture Lab/ Plaxall Gallery and the Factory; a member of Studio41, a LIC based artist collective/gallery. She maintains an active studio practice in Long Island City.

Artist Statement:
My current body of work is a series of experimental process driven studies using encaustic wax on various substrates, combined with alcohol inks, watercolor, pan pastels graphite, photographs and collage, as well as creating encaustic sculptural pieces. Through the development of techniques unique to encaustics I engage in a process of discovery and allow the image to reveal itself. A palette of valued hues often in the same color, elicit ethereal dreamlike images that emerge from deepest memories. I am less driven by the desire to create the image or composition of form at the outset, rather it is the surfacing of emotion as it becomes visible that drives the work.

Encaustic is an ancient medium, a paint comprised of pigment mixed with melted beeswax and damar resin (crystallized tree sap) which is kept molten on a heated palette. The paint is applied to an absorbent, hard surface and fused with a heat gun or torch.

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