Natalie Woodson
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
Home - Studio# Home

Phone: 4342031893



Artist Bio:
Natalie Woodson is a North Carolina/Virginia native, turned New York City creative since the fall of 2007. Her natural desire and talents for drawing were further developed throughout her studies at The School of Visual Arts, where she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2011.
In January of 2017, Natalie found herself in The Museum of Natural History with a hunger and a sketch book. The goal was set to research and study the forms and shapes of the skulls of animals that she grew up drawing. This concept became what is now, Skulls and Souls. Pencil drawings quickly evolved into the many different styles and techniques learned throughout the artist's creative journey; Pen & Ink, Acrylic, Water Color, Glass Etching, and then something new: wood burning. The technique of pyrography gave the artist and the collection a symbolic representation of the permanent mark we make on this earth. Burning onto the wood merges many elements: Earth/Wood, Fire/Heat, Wind/Smoke and - at times - Water/Watercolor. The use of nature is integral to the concept of Skulls & Souls, as both its inspiration and medium.

Artist Statement:
Since the time of our oldest cave paintings, artist have illustrated the animals that they shared their world with. Skulls & Souls is a series that captures that universal desire. The realistic portraits of North American wildlife are rendered while superimposing a strong, graphic reminder of the future we are also facing. We are now living in a pivotal time on the fringe of mass extinction. The flame of our natural wildlife is fading before our very eyes.

All images and text copyright Natalie Woodson