Heather Abshire
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
LIC Art Center - Studio# n/a
44-02 23rd Street

Email: habshire006@gmail.com

Website:: www.heatherabshireart.com

Artist Bio:
I am an Astoria based artist who explores the relationship between vision and anxiety through my art. I graduated from Marywood Universary with a BFA and minor in art history. My passion for drawing started the first time my mother brought me to therapy. It became a tool to help me express my fears and share my experiences for a moment.

When I first started school, I was interested in illustration but my mind was craving more. After an independent study abroad in London, I was inspired by the masters and art history all around. I needed to have the creative freedom to express myself in a non-literal way that illustration could not provide. Switching my major to painting was the best decision I made for myself. Fast forward to now I work primarily with acrylic paint and collage.

Since moving to Astoria 5 years ago I have become a member of LIC Artists and have been featured in many group shows throughout the boroughs. I love being a Queens artists and representing my home.

Artist Statement:
Heather Abshire is a New York based artist who uses her work to better understand and share her anxieties and depression. From a young age, Heather struggled with poor vision. Her obscured world caused a lot of stress and anxiety for her as a child which carried over into adulthood. When she started creating art, she reinvented this world through abstracting architectural and real world influences, either through paint or collage.

Heather strives to explore how vision effect our reality. How does the physical world effect your mental state? How does our vision challenge our perceived reality?

Most of Heather's pieces mimic a dream-like state with endless possibilities of where and when. She distorts, extracts and combines her references to a point where the image is identifiable but not specific. By keeping her main concern on the basic structure she's able to melt the surrounding area and create a new space. Playing with high contrast along with warm and cool tones helps to transform the work but also maintain a sense of depth and tension.

Heather creates art to help move past her mental incapacities and to find a reality that is calming. Whether it is an escape or a memory, she hopes her work provokes some sort of experience for the viewer and eases those pestering, anxious thoughts for a moment.

All images and text copyright Heather Abshire