Dianne Martin
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
27-15 41st Avenue - Studio# house

Email: paintergreen.dianne@gmail.com

Website:: www,diannemartinart.com

Artist Bio:
I have lived and had my studio in Long Island City since 1983. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in painting and printmaking. I have a graduate degree in painting from the University of Iowa. I've exhibited for many years in artist run and commercial galleries in New York and on the East End of Long Island. I am a member of Long Island City Artists.

Artist Statement:
The delight I find in what I do derives from the process I use. I am a printmaker firs. I use real materials from nature on an etching press to make monotypes. I then develop these prints into finished pieces with other materials.
Technically my process can seem complicated to someone not versed in printmaking techniques. I like to welcome people to watch me work so that they can see the process as it unfolds. The same materials on the press can result in finished images which look and feel quite different. Each image has its own direction. Finding that direction through the process of working is what I find so absorbing.

All images and text copyright Dianne Martin