Lynn Weilin
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
133W 21ST 8TH #819, New York - Studio# 819



Artist Bio:
I am Lynn Weilin from Beijing, and I went to NYC in 2018 for my further education. After graduation from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, I worked in Beijing as an artist, art teacher, and art business activities curator. Most of my work is based on myself or my personal experience. Most of the time, I am a painter, and I also do some installations and video art sometimes. I don't express too much in my art, and I just explore myself or some other world in my art, which also breaks up the limitation of my art. I hope my audience can have their personal perspective and different feeling about my work.

Artist Statement:
The Cactus Series is a new body of work composed of sculptures and paintings, which represents parts of a world. Some paintings freeze individual moments that all together suggest movement and the other paintings are the landscape itself. After one year doing this work, I expand this series form canvas to other spaces, such as the large installations. The installations build themselves as the monuments in this world.

This world is luxurious and real, and I think of myself as a reporter instead of a creator, since for me, the process of painting this world is also the process of exploring this world. The pieces, like the world, are developing and constantly changing since in this series, there is no main work; all of the works construct this world and make this world keep developing. I explore this world slowly through repeatability of work, which presents I ramble in this world relaxedly.

I also enjoy the handmaking methods in my works. I paint my work brushwork by brushwork, just like I explore the world step by step. Every slight change in pieces is my new discovery in this world, and this series of work is also a bridge that I share my finding about this world with audiences.

The Cactus Series is the first work body since I've been in the U.S. Thanks to this work, working in my little studio is the happiest thing about being in NYC, and my studio is the warmest spot in this city.

All images and text copyright Lynn Weilin