Pauline Fotopoulos
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
30-64 30th street - Studio# 2nd floor

Phone: 6466620619


Artist Bio:
Artists Bio-
Pauline Fotopoulos
Born in Manhattan, lived through World War II in Greece, followed by the Greek civil war, during which time she and her family were separated from her father without communication for three years. Reunited with her father back in NYC where she worked in his beautiful florist shop on Columbus Avenue.
Always creating and creative she describes feeling as though she has brains in her hands and that's where her expression comes through. She is self-taught and through exploration, inquisitiveness she creates in multi mediums- semi -precious bead jewelry, hand made one of a kind silver cuffs, clay sculptures, rope art and what certainly blossomed as her passion to create shellArt which began back in the late 1970's. Interestingly her work in her father's florist came full circle in that many of her sea shell sculptural compositions resemble flower arrangements.
A life long resident of Astoria NY Pauline shared her time for the last twenty years at her summer residence in Montauk NY where inspired by nature and its bounty at the seashore, she collected seashells and created a collection of sea shell compositions on canvas.

Artist Statement:
ShellART is a collection of Sculptural Compositions of Sea Shells on Canvas. One of a Kind, Genuine, Precious, Timeless Gems of the Sea Crafted into Works of Art.
There is wisdom in the geometry of each sea shell. Holding within it the life force of the oceans.
Inspired by their beauty I began picking up seashells on the beach. This grew into a decades long endeavor. The shells range from handpicked broken, rough and tumbled to acquired perfect selections. Cleaning the shells thoroughly in preparation. I like to rotate the shells, view them from different angles. Many of my compositions transform the sea shells into floral arrangements on canvas. The shape of the shell as a petal. The three-dimensional quality of the shell compositions is mosaic, collage and sculpture, capturing both exuberance and serenity. In composing the works, I am directed by sinuous curves, movement and flow found in the organic undulating harmony of nature.

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