Maureen Altman
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
43-49 10th St - Studio# #411

Phone: 3473589695


Artist Bio:
Maureen Altman is a visual artist, poet and educator. She was invited to participate in different anthologies, magazines of literature, book fairs and poetry festivals in North and South America. In New York she published Encuentro, amor, vida, tiempo, 2015 and Nuances 2017.

Currently, Altman is developing her first novel: The middle point and its wave; scientific thought. She is also working on abstract and neo figurative paintings and drawings. She has participated in collective exhibitions in North and South America and has participated in exhibitions organized by LIC Arts Open and by Lehman College as well as CUNY Mexican Studies.

Altman directs EDUCA ARTS , an education center that academically guides participants about painting and drawing. She encourages creativity and presents art as a way to promote inclusion and self-awareness. Through EDUCA ARTS's Summer and Winter Art Salons Altman has conducted several art exhibitions to display the artwork of her students, adults and children.

Altman has been invited to develop workshops in New York and Central America, having art and writing as tools for self-awareness. For instance, two of her workshops were held at the International Festival of Literature in El Salvador, 2016 and at the International Fair of Poetry LACUHE 2019 at Lehman College. Actually, she develops art workshops at EDUCA ARTS and conducts independent drawing workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Maureen Altman was born in Georgia, USA and lived in Lima, Peru during her first 25 years of age. She studied at Monterrico's Institute of Pedagogy, Lima-Peru, obtaining her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. In addition, she graduated from Touro College, New York, obtaining her Master's degree in Science of Education and Special Education, Grades 1-6.

Artist Statement:
I am an artist who believes in plasticity and in the movement of colors, lines and shapes as if they were performing a choreography.

I am an artist who is not concentrated on a finished product but on the joy of an artwork's process, which enhances the essence of passages, blendings and transparencies. These ones in my opinion are always full of possibilities. I am always curious about possibilities.

I am an artist who is driven by the honesty of these passages and who will reflect herself on their space.

On the other hand, I am an artist who believes that Art exists freely with no limitations in terms of themes or styles.

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