Deirdre Hughes
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
7401 RIDGE BLVD, APT 6G - Studio# 6G

Phone: 5512089176


Artist Bio:
Deirdre Hughes was born in Bayonne, NJ, and spent her entire childhood growing up there. She was lucky to be in close proximity to New York City, and vowed to live in Greenwich Village one day. As that ideal quickly faded into an unaffordable oblivion, the dream to be an artist living in New York persisted, and eventually she settled in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As a child, Deirdre was inspired by fantasy art, mostly in magazines and books owned by her father like Heavy Metal magazine, and Boris Vallejo print books.
Deirdre works mostly in watercolor, and has been trying to develop her own method and color palette. She feels that formal education has stunted her creativity in the past, and skirts on the edge of formal learning and technique with intoxicated carelessness and passion.
Deirdre was formally trained in graphic design and old world photography, and continued to paint and create her own content for her design career to date. She has sold original designs to major companies as flat art and home goods products. She was formally taught but constantly tries to unlearn everything she heard to open her mind to different ideas.
She has exhibited 5 times with The Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, an independent gallery which supports local artists.
Deirdre is a full time artist at a home decor company in Manhattan and continues to push her artwork out to the masses as she builds her fine art path in the greatest city in the world, New York, NY.

Artist Statement:
My artwork has taken on many forms over the years as I float between my career and my passion. The watercolor years have only been recent, as I explore the gorgeous flow of pigment from my brush to my paper. I choose to paint selfies. I was always into figures and female nudes growing up, but representing myself was the ultimate goal. To be beautiful, and desired, was so important to me as a young woman, so critical, it carried over into every part of my life. Now, in a world where we are valued by our instagram followers, and how many likes we have, I want to bring it back into a tangible media, engaging the viewer with eye contact and inviting colors. Too often we are told how to accomplish something, without truly learning the processes or choosing our own method. I want to discover my art, as one does as a child, by curiosity and by play. While my paintings are not "photoreal", I want to give the impression of life and movement, similar to a dream. Painting my own selfies, photos I take of myself, where I control every aspect, I feel I take the gaze back and own it, I can give the viewer the same feeling I have when looking at myself, and feeling the real me.

All images and text copyright Deirdre Hughes