Dana Laine Gehry
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
The Collective - Studio# 601

Email: danalainegehry@gmail.com

Website:: www.danalainegehry,com

Artist Bio:
Dana Gehry is a contemporary artist having produced art in multiple formats over the past 30 years. She has studied formally various manners of creating art including photography at ICP, typography and design at SVA, and fine art at Bennington College. She worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, and branding designer for more than a decade at global advertising agencies and prestigious design firms in NYC, Barcelona, and Frankfurt. She was awarded a spot, twice, at School of Visual Arts Barcelona program, at Escola Massana Centre d'Art iDisseny, studying under painter Carme Miguel and sculptor Tom Carr. Dana has participated in group shows at venues across NYC, California, and abroad.

Artist Statement:
Intention versus coincidence. Instinct versus careful speculation. I have observed and questioned the effects of these juxtapositions on the events and the decisions we all make in our lives; from the greatest to the smallest.

Much of human existence operates as a result of (seeming) chance and the interplay of the differences between our perceptions of the world around us. How do we decide? How do we know? Which is the right way? It is these differences which enhance, or detract, from our day to day and our overall existence. In turn this affects the way we connect, disconnect, and ultimately transition through our lives. My work explores the differences between what I see and what you see. The Perspective series offers the viewer the option to observer each work as desired, despite how it was created. The viewer is invited to appreciate each piece from different angles, different positions; and ultimately decide which way works best and feels right.

All images and text copyright Dana Laine Gehry