Emily Klima
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 427
43-01 22nd Street

Email: studio@emk-art.com

Website:: www.emk-art.com

Artist Bio:
Emily Klima was born and raised in Long Island, NY. She studied fine art at Boston University and received her BFA in graphic design. Ms. Klima has been painting and exhibiting her work for over a decade.

Artist Statement:
I am a visual artist based in New York City and earned my BFA from Boston University College of Fine Art. My early career in graphic design began as a designer and art director for Cond?? Nast Publications and Hearst Corporation.

Several years ago, I rediscovered my love of painting and felt a strong need to defy what I had been taught about art making. From that perspective, I began to explore the inherent raw power of abstract painting and how it evokes a freedom to be fully present. I rarely paint what I see or think I see but I paint with a vibrational pull???a call to create. My creative process comes from feeling inspired by life experiences. There is so much personal growth that occurs in my work. "Who I am" at any given time is what shows up on my canvas. I am a creative vessel that thrives on emotion and change.

Painting in my studio or showing my work, organically brings out the best expression of myself. My work is alive with flurries of brilliant color and an energy created by drips and splatters, mixed media collage elements and free associative text. Added layers of resin, tape and the use of oil sticks give the paintings a glossy or velvety finish. I exploit my formal training in drawing, painting, and design and break free of its strictures. In all of my work, there is a consistent exploration of tension between order and chaos???discipline and freedom. Every painting contains within it my process of moving from control to letting go of control, and back again.

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