William Vizcarra
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
10-10 44th Avenue - Studio# 317

Email: williamvizcarra@gmail.com

Website:: wvstudio.co

Artist Bio:
University of Texas at El Paso / Nagaoka University of Technology (Jap)
BA of Multidisciplinary Studies in Art, Design, and linguistics - 2013
Exhibition History:

2018 - Group show - LIC Arts - " Fall Salon Exhibit A & B" LIC, NY. USA
2017 - Art Fair- Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY. USA
2016 - Solo show- Wrong Gallery "About Time" Marfa, Tx. USA
2014 - Solo show- Wrong Gallery "About Lines" Marfa, Tx.USA
2014 - Group show- Rubin Center "Student Show" El Paso, Tx USA

Affiliations & Memberships:
Long Island City Artists-2018

Current Representation:
Wrong, Marfa, Tx, USA

Artist Statement:
Growing up in Juarez, the violent north of Mexico, a place where becoming an artist is not even
considered as something possible, frown uppon among its typical survivalist culture. It took
several years of traveling and meditation that allowed him to come out finally and dedicate his
life to the arts.

Having the great opportunity of staying at the Chinati Foundation, Influenced every day by the
knowledge embedded in Irwin, Flavin and Judd's works he decided to embark on the goal of
liberating site-specific work properties into the wild concrete jungle most of us live.
Furthermore Influenced by the Japanese movement "Mono-ha" and other Light and Space
artists, Vizcarra's work turned in to and constant search into attributing physicality to
meditation. A meditation that ultimately enhances elemental human sensibilities allowing us to
perceive our exact place of existence, walking us into understanding the unjust division and
disparities concerning each other and nature.

All images and text copyright William Vizcarra