Yanne Bree Cabanero
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
3378 11th street apt 3D LIC NY 11106 - Studio# x

Phone: 772 8123729

Email: yannebreeart@gmail.com

Website:: x

Artist Bio:
Artist bio

The artist, Yanne Bree Cabanero is an immigrant from the Philippines.

The artist uses mix media (acrylic, watercolor, pen and markers) and is inspired by the famous artist, Picasso but with a twist. The swirls

As a young child, she had shown interest in the arts but growing up in a third world country, a few factors halted her pursuits for the arts.
The artist recalls her father advising her to stop pursuing anything artistic or art related because it doesn't have earning potential, and that most artists will struggle and starve.

She taught herself to draw and paint but also hid her artworks from her father. Unbeknownst to him, She joined a lot of poster making /mural painting contests, and even winning a few.

At only 16 years old, she auditioned and got admitted to a prestigious art club in her hometown,"Circulo de Arte". Two of her paintings were chosen to be in an art show featuring local artists in the city museum.

Fast forward 2016, after years of hiatus from painting,the artist's fianc??, bought her paint supplies and canvases as a surprise. She started painting again.

In May 2016, she was chosen for an art gallery show in Queens, New York featuring women of the arts, "Backstage: Studies Of Solitude."

From that art show, She landed commissioned paintings and sold original paintings while working as a full time waitress.

Artist Statement:
the artist would like to promote the strength of women. There is a certain power that women don't realize. through the art, I would like to unleash the power and strength.

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