Jays Michael Balmes
Medium: Drawing

Studio Location:
1155 3rd Ave - Studio# 13

Email: jay@jmbworkspace.com

Website:: www.jmbworkspace.com

Artist Bio:
With the majority of his work being that of the abstract, Jay Michael Balmes relies on an almost unlimited stream of inspiration. An inability to holdback the creativity has made him an extremely prolific artist since first emerging onto the scene in 2011 as a Regional Finalist in The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.

Having previously only created pieces freehand with ink, Jay began to explore the use of color by integrating acrylic and oil a few years ago. This integration of new hues and varying textures, to what had been solely a monochromatic body of work, has allowed for Jay's creativity to become even more limitless.

Drawing heavy influence from the worlds of music and fashion, his work tends to flow seamlessly as does a perfectly draped fabric in sync with the movements of the body or that of a musician's voice harmoniously interweaving within an intricate melody.

Fashion ignites his creativity, however music provides the inspirational soundtrack to Jay's artistic process. With nothing but speakers blasting and a blank canvas is how Jay always begins his creative journey. Very few pieces over his career have ever been premeditated. Rather, Jay prefers that his subconscious and the music guide his hands.

All images and text copyright Jays Michael Balmes