Jay Jae Won Jung
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
133west 21st Street. - Studio# 910

Email: jjung23@sva.edu

Website:: www.jayjaewonjung.com

Artist Bio:
Jay (Jae Won) Jung is an artist with a Bachelor of Law degree from Yonsei University, Seoul, S.Korea. After receiving her degree, she moved to New York City to begin her art career and explore the emotional and philosophical tensions of abstract painting, installation, and experimental filmmaking. Her years of experience and diverse career background have influenced her deep engagement with time and memories, human psychology, existentialism. Now she is pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts at The School of Visual Arts, New York.

Artist Statement:
My work <Light: Cut to Black> explores the spatiotemporal interpretation of the past, present, and future
in black and white through Monochromatic-Abstract Expressionism.
If there are times in the past and future, I desire to know where they are. As yet I do not succeed, I know they are not here as future or past, but as the present. if there also they are past, they are passed and no longer there. For if there also they are future, they are not as yet there.
The past is already gone, so it does not exist; it remains in our memories. The future has not come yet, so it does not exist, but we can expect the future to come. Furthermore, the past and future exist only in our memories and expectations. There is only a moment of present time.
In my work <Light: Cut to Black>, I ask a series of questions about time.
What is the shape of time? What is the image of time and how is it possible to visualize and
materialize time?
The images of time form in my memory as footprints in the passage through the senses. Time can only be perceived or measured while it is passing. I approached the textures and gestures of the past through black, which is a symbol of the past for me. I expressed my approach through white symbolizing the future for me to represent the future that I have not yet seen as a virtual space-time.
In <Light: Cut to Black>, series of the painting are accumulated over time, superimposed over and over traces, repetitive shapes, rough textures of surface, gestures, and the use of various lines. It is expressed in its distinctive method and attitude of the flow and the eternity of invisible time. In addition to that, the emergence of newly implied appearance in my black and white painting is composed of various solutions, methods, and terms of measurement. So, I try myself to have experience by using various materials, acrylic, plaster, coarse, beads, masking tapes, ropes, heavy gel, clay and sand, charcoal that I tried to express in broad ways; pure material becomes pure energy. Everything is permitted.

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