Win Zibeon
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
3 Moison Rd N Blauvelt, NY 10913 - Studio# In a barn



Artist Bio:
Win Zibeon was born in Brooklyn, NY and was one of the first men to attend Hunter College at a time when major New York artists were teaching there. Win was especially encouraged by his teachers Tony Smith and Robert Morris. He worked through an abstract phase right through to his present day trompe l'oeil style. He was awarded the William Graf Memorial Scholarship for graduate study in painting. He lived in downtown Manhattan for a number of years before moving to his present studio a barn in Rockland County, NY. He has won many prizes and is included in many collections both in the US and overseas.

Artist Statement:
There are several themes that have surfaced in my art over the years. I've been consistently painting in the trompe l'oeil style surreally creating optical illusions. Painting the frames came about as the result of an unfortunate collision with a particularly ugly specimen.I paint objects with very real shadows: this time an insect, another time water drops. I feel successful when my viewer is confused. I especially like it when birds and insects are fooled and mistake my painting for the real thing.
The one consistent theme I come back to again and again is the changing environment, but I am also a surrealist painter. I did a series on birch trees when the birch trees in our area were dying out. A painting of the ocean has a large painted crack in it, a forest scene is cut in two with an axe, and a mannequin is walking on string stretched between two alps that soon won't be covered in snow any more. A landscape is emerging from a paint tube because that is the best way to view it now that the area has been ruined with man-made structures. Water drips out of the painting of a waterfall cascading over the frame we waste so much water. If on first glance my paintings look like conventional landscapes, a closer inspection will tell you that they are far from that and in fact use art to give a subtle reminder that all is not well with the world of nature.

All images and text copyright Win Zibeon