Walter O'Neill
Medium: Ceramic

Studio Location:
439 SW Natura Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 - Studio# studio

Phone: 3022992066



Artist Bio:
A painter for over thirty years, I started working with clay three years ago. Ceramics is now my primary studio activity. I had a studio and lived in Long Island City for close to twenty years before moving to Florida in 2014. Over time I had studios in various buildings in Long Island City. Formerly the Director of the Educational Alliance Art School on the lower east side,
I also taught fresco painting at Skowhegan for a decade. Http://

Artist Statement:
The materials and processes of working with clay is similar to my working in fresco, the materials are elemental: earth, clay, silica, oxides, and other earth pigments and the processes are very physical. While clay can be more forgiving, both fresco and clay set the time limits on the artist's work. My ceramic sculptures explore the expressive possibilities of the vessel form as container and void, structure and surface, interior and exterior.

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