Daniel Walworth
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
n/a - Studio# n/a

Phone: 9178553305

Email: danwalworth@gmail.com

Website:: https://cargocollective.com/danielwalworth/paintings

Artist Bio:
Daniel Walworth
37 Howard Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215

born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
studied: Rhode Island School of Design, Whitney Museum Independent Study Program

Solo Exhibitions
May 2016: Dub Pies, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions
- August 2019: "Burn This" LICArts, Queens, NY
- July 2019: "Light" 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY juried by Kat Ryals & Lauren Hirshfield
- December 2018: "Animals" Art Room Gallery Online
- September 2018: "A Sense of Place: Land, Sea and Sky", West Hartford Art League, West Hartford, CT
- September 2018: "Fall Juried Show", Kent Art Association, Kent, CT
- June 2018: "The Inventive Eye: Observation, Transformation and the Art of Seeing", Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY juried by James Lancel McElhinney "singled out as pursuing particularly interesting directions in their art"
- May 2018: "2018 All Landscapes", Contemporary Art Gallery Online
- September 2016: "The Harvest", Van Vessem Gallery:, Tivoli, RI

Artist Statement:
I paint from photographs, taken by myself or others. Occasionally, I work from life. The landscapes are an attempt to understand a place in history. Sometimes the broad sweep of history, and sometimes the fleeting moments. I'm interested in spaces that include interior and exterior, have some ambiguity, and an emotional component. The emotional aspect of an image, which is what directs me to a scene or a photo in the first place, is probably the most important aspect of the painting. At the same time it is the most difficult part for me to describe or even understand, and the easiest to lose track of while I'm working. The work always begins with an exciting Image/idea: "This will be the best painting I've ever done!" Sometimes the image/idea/emotion gets lost as I paint and the painting dies. Sometimes a part of that early excitation remains, and the painting lives as a kind of record/pointer/sign/shorthand/evidence/reminder of that.

All images and text copyright Daniel Walworth