Kez Leigh Robinson
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
43-32 22nd Street, Long Island City - Studio# 206-1


Artist Bio:
Kez is an Australian contemporary artist living in New York City. She enjoys a visually and culturally rich and diverse life, having lived and worked in Europe, Africa and the US coordinating global visual design and creative projects for the United Nations and the European Union.

"Curiosity, intuition and experience have become central to my art practice, followed by experimentation and the replication of successful outcomes into my creative process."

Kez now considers Action Painting as the most apt description of her studio practice; a term coined in 1952 by art critic Harold Rosenburg as unleashing artists' instinctive creative forces, and as a dialog between painter, materials and the canvas.

Present - Resident Artist, Studio Back2Back, LIC, New York

2018 - Resident artist at Art345, East Harlem, New York

2014 & 2016 - Studied painting and drawing at The Art Students League of New York, USA with mentors:
Abstract Painting with Ronnie Landfield;
Painting with Kenneth McIndoe;
Anatomical Drawing with Costa Vivagiakis.
Abstract Expressionism with Barbara Yeterian;
Watercolor Techniques with Paul Ching Bor; and
Expressive Watercolor with Elizabeth Allison.

1999 - Oil Painting Techniques with Karl Walt, Vienna

1998 - Completed a postgraduate degree in Design, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

1997 - Completed a Diploma in Colour and Design, School of Colour and Design, Sydney, Australia

Artist Statement:
"I have absorbed, loved and pursued art, design and engagement with color all my life. In me, the passion to paint is innate, powerful and emotive, and I am ever drawn to creating, to stepping on that cyclical path of fear, indecision, bravery, vulnerability and passion.

I am always keen to explore different techniques that offer new expressive possibilities for visual storytelling, whatever my subject matter. Process and experimentation with techniques and the celebration of color lie at the heart of my creativity.

Until recently, my studio practice has involved layering acrylic paints, mediums and materials, writing into the wet paint then scraping and watering, essentially deconstructing those layers. I performed this action until satisfied with the texture and the story told by the painting. The different layers would fuse to become a kaleidoscope of beautiful forms. Only the strongest and most resilient of the materials survive the process to evolve as generational layering, in turn, becoming an historical record of my hand and my process. The mood and life of the painting created corresponds directly to the energy that I apply to this process.

The direction that I have recently adopted is additionally offering me the freedom to further explore the alluring qualities of the paints, to rejoice in serendipitous moments and to celebrate the spontaneity of the paint reactions. While my adventurous process seems characterized by 'involuntaryism', each paint reaction and outcome informs my next action.

I work vigorously with expressive gestural sweeps and rhythmic movement of a palette knife, applying and smearing colours and textures or carving and slicing the paint layers from the canvas. The result is rarely subtle, mostly dramatic and always complex.

I have certainly been inspired by notable abstract expressionist artists, and pioneers in technique such as Jackson Pollock, Georgia O'Keefe, Lee Krasner, Mark Rothko and Cy Twombly.

Like Jackson Pollock, I have little interest in identifying with a focal point in my paintings. Rather, I seek to encourage curiosity across the entire painting; to create an artwork that the viewer feels compelled to move closer to and examine what they're seeing. Ultimately, I desire to achieve a painting that invites exchanges between reality, enchantment and raw truth.

All images and text copyright Kez Leigh Robinson