Lori Horowitz
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
Paintcan Studios - Studio# 305
10-10 44th Avenue

Email: lorihorowitzartist@gmail.com

Website:: https://www.lorihorowitz.com/

Artist Bio:
Lori Horowitz is a NY native, receiving a BFA in Visual Arts in Painting and Sculpture from SUNY Purchase. Further studies with concentrations in set design and scenic art from Cobalt Studios, NY. Lori Horowitz is a NY native. In addition to her studio art, Horowitz has worked as an arts educator, scenic designer for theatre and television, and as a curator and gallerist. Each has brought a new perspective and informed the development of her work and career.These experiences have also more deeply connected her back to the sculpture she makes, and to the viewers who experience them. Using eclectic techniques and materials, Lori Horowitz explores
the overlooked interactions between individuals, exploring their social disconnect as well as
common humanity. Since 2015, she has had 9 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 75 gallery and museum group shows. She is also an independent curator, as well as the former curator and executive director of Studio 5404 Art Space in NY, curating 25 shows. Currently, she serves on the board of directors for two not- for- profit arts groups. She is represented internationally by Galerie Ludwig Trossaert and her work has been featured in the NY Times and Newsday as well as local and international publications such as 1340 Art International, Azucar and Apero Magazines. She is recently a featured artist by Zeitt Blatt media group, video and magazine out of Paris and Berlin, Amsterdam as well as Art Trends international publication out of Paris.

Artist Statement:
Rooted in Humanity addresses issues of the environment, humanity and tensions within our current diverse and often divisive society. These works interpret scenes of psychological and social challenges, abilities and disabilities, cultural frustrations and relationships within the environment.

Working from her studio, artist Lori Horowitz has crafted a wholly unique practice for her art which thematically re-humanizes anonymous people as well as element of nature that we encounter every day, providing intriguing narratives, and formally stretches the bounds of the materials she chooses to work in. We are at a unique moment in time historically, when social interactions, judgments and behavior are rapidly changing. Her work unveils facades and penetrates issues, revealing the true nature of humanity. These universal issues can be personal, social or political, reflecting challenges we face globally. The need for belonging safely in society is reflected through these works.

Drawing from historical use of relief sculpture Horowitz brings these methods to current topics. Exploring materials and techniques are an essential component of her work. She is passionate about using skills of the past and combining them with innovative methods. Her path and methods are continuously evolving. Continued experimentation leads Horowitz to a new technique of sculpting photos and accenting them three dimensionally. The physical creations of these sculptures are quite demanding. Exploring processes and working with photography, wire, papier mache, encaustic wax, torched copper and brass mesh and painting, Horowitz creates meaningful layered and technically complex pieces, merging conceptual exploration and transformation of image and process. These evocative artworks trigger conversation, awakening emotion or memory in the viewer.

Preserving our precious environment and encouraging the coexistence of humanity and environment in harmony has come into focus. Photographs of anthropomorphic tree roots form the underpinning of her recent series. These works depict the human form both isolated and vulnerable, examining the frailty of the human condition. Delving deep within the image, she encourages figures to reveal themselves. Forms emerge from the earth, deeply rooted past struggles and growth. Finding inspiration, she creates daily mixed ???media photographic mono print drawing. These images are the basis for her 3D work.

Using skills of the past and historical references, Lori Horowitz reflects struggles that repeat themselves throughout history and echoes the challenges we face globally. We are all one species, equally vulnerable and must stand together to find place, belonging and comfort.

All images and text copyright Lori Horowitz