D Brian Burns II
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
1353 myrtle ave - Studio# F

Phone: (916)220-9597

Email: d_b_burns2@yahoo.com

Website:: www.dbrianburnsii.net

Artist Bio:
D Brian Burns II was born in California, where he studied painting, sculpture, and installation under artists including Andrew Connolly, Robert Ortball, and Ian Harvey. In California he has participated in exhibitions in galleries across the state, including institutions such as Oak Wild Sculpture ranch and the Crocker Art Museum.

In 2015, after his mother passed away, Burns moved to New York and studied fine art at SUNY Purchase College, where he expanded his craft to include performance, video, poetry, and audio. There he studied with artists Susanna Heller, Kate Gilmore, and the critic Faye Hirsh, and graduated with his MFA in 2017.

In 2017 D B Burns then moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he has been working on paintings, drawings, and 3D objects. His work has been shown around the local areas of Bushwick, Williamsburg and the lower east side of Manhattan, and his recent works have been shipped all over the US, including California and Texas.

Artist Statement:
Flying bodies meet birds in the sky, frozen in between flying ecstasy and falling tragedy. As these images build, bright colors generate emotional responses, and the diary of a bodies scars become a diary of experiences told through painting and drawing. My work is emotionally driven, and I use it to catalog, express and reflect on my own personal experiences in my meat battleship. We are born, we experience, then we die. It is that drama that fascinates artists, and the highs and lows of the roller coaster that is life create the drama that we are after. As such my work explores these dualities of emotion. What happens when a moment is both joyous and mournful? what does it look like when the fearful and hopeful intersect?
And as my work explores my identity, my sexuality, and my experiences, the work reacts with its own smiling tear-felt brush-strokes. We are human, we are artists, these things inform each other.

All images and text copyright D Brian Burns II