Rebecca Darlington
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
570 W 156th St, 26, New York, NY 10032 - Studio# 26

Phone: 845-913-5208



Artist Bio:
For 25 years I lived with my family of 5 sons on the side of a mountain in the Hudson Valley. My only neighbors were towering trees, herds of deer, streaming sunlight and spectacular seasons of color. I think the impression of that time and those elements has left a permanent imprint in the back of my vision field. I create artworks with those colors and shapes of prolific natural growth and beauty. I prefer to send a message that the world is teaming with expansive energy and joy. It's a feast and a bounty to behold.

Artist Statement:
I love the sense of belonging.

Each of us has hundreds of overlapping communities and connections to others. We joyfully form lasting bonds identifying similarities with each other. It's like six degrees of separation, that any person on the planet can be connected to any other through a chain of acquaintances. I'm exploring it visually using lace as a metaphor for the web of connections that exists within each of us. Whether I'm painting a thicket of sprawling fauna in an invented rain forest where everything grows profusely or inking joyful figures together in a fantastical composition of humanness, the message is the same; we are all part of an ever expanding consciousness. When we come together to share an experience we are building community and our worlds expand infinitely and overlap in an intricate pattern of relationships. I want to reconstruct those narrative patterns of figures and fauna using saturated color and mixed media to create a sense of joy in both the compositional process and the viewer's experience of the work.

All images and text copyright Rebecca Darlington