Sugarlift Art Advisory
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 264
43-01 22nd Street



Artist Bio:
Sugarlift is a community of collectors, artists and the people who connect them.

Artist Statement:
It should be simple: a wall and a work of art.

The art market has gone online. Artists can now engage directly with their audience and galleries are no longer the sole gatekeepers. Yet, greater accessibility through e-commerce has not been the bridge we all hoped it would be. You still need to sift through hundreds of sites and thousands of options. You need to visualize art in person before committing to it for your space. But you definitely don't want to deal with crate shipping and possibly returning a large format painting. You need help with the logistics of framing, delivery and hanging.

And, most of all, you want to know that you're getting value and quality - no easy feat in the enigmatic art world.

A wall and a work of art. Sugarlift's mission is to make this relationship possible for a broader population, supporting emerging artists' careers by bringing their work to a new audience of collectors.

Let's make it simple. Let's make art work.

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