Annabel Barash
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Departure Studios - Studio# 6
44-61 A 11th Street


Artist Bio:
Annabel Barash discovered the art world at the age of 5, all credit to her father who also studied Fine Arts. After witnessing that pen to paper can create something out of nothing, she was hooked. From there she enrolled in in-school and after-school art classes to hone her craft. Ranging from pencil work, ink work, acrylic and oil paints, sculpture, on occasion metal and wood work, Annabel ultimately settled on acrylic as her foundation, with some inkwork and collaging mixed in. She attended Syracuse University and received her BFA in Interior Design, which brought her to NYC to work for a residential design firm in Hells Kitchen. From there she had a short stint interning at HGTV for "Hidden Potential", a home makeover show. While working for the design firm, she realized her passions lied elsewhere and attended culinary school to focus on the Pastry Arts. From there, Annabel went on to work for a slew of well-established restaurants in Manhattan and ultimately bringing her more into the business aspect of the hospitality industry. After over a decade in the restaurant world, she returned back to the design world working for a luxury retail general contractor. Annabel's artwork had taken a backseat to her windy career path, but in the last year or so, she found her voice again and has regained some momentum with her paintings, out of inspiration and the need for a creative outlet for her soul. Annabel now resides in Long Island, but ventures into LIC daily for work and for artistic sustenance.

Artist Statement:
My work comes straight from the innards of my mind. There are pieces that were inspired by random and everyday things. One piece was seen from a stain on the E train floor late night. Another was an image I thought of while baking a wedding cake. Either way, my muse can appear to me on a walk to work or eating out at a restaurant. I paint because I feel that image needs to be put on canvas.

All images and text copyright Annabel Barash