Rrturo Ruiz
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
466 Seneca Avenue Ridgewood NY 11385 - Studio# 2R

Phone: 3475124865

Email: artruchi777@gmail.com

Artist Bio:
born in oaxaca mexico..when i was9 spend 5 years in la CASA DE LA CULTURA learning painting ,dancing,craff ,acting,drawing pencil, water colors
1986 inmigrate to new york working in textiles i become textiles designer for 20 years
2014 had exhibition of photograph about grafity and art involve ..called..FRAMED THE WALLS and the same time stared to paint one concep of 12 paintings related to frida kahlo....now i have 15 painting related to feminism sexualism iconism communism and symbolism...of frida
had exibition in may 5th 2017 at mayday space with paintings performes of singers and poets
october 2017 the second part with painting and panel discussion.
december 2017 exhibition in hallway of the auditorium of Alvin johnson kapan hall for the music concert for the dreamers and from there any open call for artist if they accept me ill go

Artist Statement:
'NO MORE HELL FOR FRIDA is a conceptual project which began 6 years ago by artist Arturo Ruiz; a New York City resident of 30 years with origins tracing back to Oaxaca, Mexico. The idea is to emphasize the pain and metamorphosis of Frida Magdalena Kahlo during her marriage to muralist Diego Rivera.

Arturo uses a rustic paint technique to create texture evoking an emotion from viewing participants.
The images chronologize her exploration of self focusing on themes of politics, sexuality, feminism and iconoclasm. All subjects directly effecting her life as well as influencing the following generations of social awareness. Arturo's artwork hopes to celebrate our presence by acknowledging those in the past that fought for ideologies we might take for granted.

'NO MORE HELL FOR FRIDA' the exhibition ,panel discussion and poetry

arturo ruiz (347)512 48 65 artruchi777@gmail.com
elyaher ruiz (347) 870 4053 eleaglebeing.him@gmail.com curator

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