Eleanor Rahim
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 419
34-01 38th Avenue

Email: info@eleanorrahim.com

Website:: www.eleanorrahim.com

Artist Bio:
Eleanor Rahim was born in London. Always drawing and painting as a child, she eventually went on to obtain a Foundation Course in Art and Design and a BA (Hons) Graphic Design.????Since relocating to New York City in 2007, Rahim has been recognized by the Art Students League of New York and was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Commendation in her first group show. In short time she has gained a number of collectors.????Rahim has had the privilege to study with color field abstract painter Ronnie Landfield at the League, figurative artist Jon DeMartin at the classical atelier, Grand Central Academy of Art and Rick Piloco at Chelsea Classical Studio. Rahim lives in Manhattan and works in her studio in Long Island City, Queens.

Artist Statement:
The power and glory of our environment, both creative and destructive, inspire me to express what I see and feel through my abstract paintings. It is my desire to evoke a positive feeling and sense of peace in what can be a troubled world both socially and politically.????Motion, flow, energy, balance, grace. Those instinctive elements, apparent in my abstract paintings, are key components of my figurative works. I am fascinated by the engineering and design embodied in the human form. Continuous classical study as a foundation combined with my instinct for freedom of expression has found its way into my figurative work. The challenge and excitement for me is to capture the energy, sensuality, spirit and movement of the form as my passions dictate.

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