Hana Shannon
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Studio 34 - Studio# 401
34-01 38th Avenue

Phone: (646)683-0799

Email: hannasek@yahoo.com

Website:: www.hanashannon.net/

Artist Bio:
Hana Shannon is a classically trained painter from the Czech Republic specializing in portraiture. She earned a Master's degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and moved to the US over a decade ago to pursue her painting career.
Although known for her vibrant use of color, Hana's new body of silhouette paintings is a departure from her previous work, reimagining silhouettes in a new and very personal way. These more recent silhouettes are both monumental and use deep colors, which distinguishes her work in this typically small-scale, monochromatic genre.
Shannon has exhibited at the Czech Cultural Center in New York on multiple occasions and was included in the critically acclaimed group show, "New Bohemia - Reflect What You Are," in 2019, which was curated by Charlotta Kotik, Curator Emerita of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Artist Statement:
Color is central in my work. I believe what celebrated Czech painter Jan Zrzavy, one of my favorite artists, said: "The color is the psychological force, the color is the visible soul."

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