Molly Weiss
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
445 East 65th Street - Studio# 4B



Artist Bio:
Molly Weiss is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and art educator based in New York City. She exhibits her artwork nationally and curates exhibitions of local and international artists as well as directed special projects and galleries throughout NY/ New England area. Weiss can also be known for her writing, winning poetry awards across Long Island. Collaborating with several galleries the artist has completed performances of week long match-ups combining a variety of sound, movement, video, a palette of color on a stage. The artist as well taught studio art and art history for 15 years, being the first teacher, for now nation wide Non Profit, Organization Project Art. Her studio is located in NYC, NY.

Artist Statement:
Recent works reflect a new found gratitude for the present moment. Through mostly portraits in photographs and painting, each documents a very specific piece in time. Fascinated by characters, patterns and quirks, my compositions are to remind myself and those viewing the importance of staying present. In a big city where millions of things are happening all at once, green light means go, the biker gets hit by the taxi and suddenly for one brief second, time stops, as everyone holds their breath as they are about to witness a skull smashed to the pavement. One shared moment for us to remember. The biker gets up and is ok, the taxi drives on, we move forward and that biker and the taxi reminds us to be here now, forever. The people I choose to paint usually come with a staunch character set. Using photography to inform my paintings I create stencils of the patterns I find in photo images, and use them on canvas. Painting large scale appeals to me in my portaiture because I want my subjects to be considered larger than life, godly, and majestic.

All images and text copyright Molly Weiss