Laura Harold
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
3150 33rd Street, 7D - Studio# n/a

Phone: 9086923939



Artist Bio:
Laura grew up in central NJ where she focused on writing short stories and where she competed for years as a dancer. She attended college in NYC, during which time she pursued her interest in painting. With this new medium to explore, she found the freedom to begin creating the abstract worlds on canvas that she continues to make today. Laura currently lives in Astoria with her partner, Mallorie, and her Jack Russell, Hank.

Artist Statement:
I am always looking for new ways and new mediums to show my thoughts. For the past five years or so, painting has given me access to parts of my mind and ways that I see the world that no other art form has given me. I hope my paintings show people that there are limitless ways to see things. If we all see our world in that way, there's way more room for empathy and compassion to flourish.

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