Eleen Lin
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
LIC Art Center - Studio# 407
44-02 23rd Street

Website:: www.eleenlin.com

Artist Bio:
Born in Taiwan and grew up in Thailand, Eleen Lin holds an MFA in
Painting from Yale University School of Art, a BA from Slade School of
Fine Art, UK. Her work reiterates classical literature into
contemporized cross-cultural narratives. The multivalent
reimagination explores the inadequacies of translation and
representation within different cultures and eras, while also
expresses ideas of diaspora, memory, and sexuality. Lin's current
series retells the story of Moby Dick. Many elements in this American
classic relate to her experience as an immigrant artist: the cultural
diversity of the crewmates, the disorientated journey from the USA to
Asia, the segregation from society, and the mysticism of travel.
These paintings celebrate how the globalized world brings us closer
together to create a collective consciousness shared across cultural

Lin's work has been exhibited in Guangdong Museum of Art, China;
Queens Museum of Art, NY; Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea; and galleries
throughout Austria, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, United Kingdom and the
United States. She has been awarded Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Award,
Sanyu Scholarships, and has participated with NYFA Immigrant Artist
Projects, Fountainhead residency as well as the AIM program from the
Bronx Museum of Art. Lin currently live and work in New York.

All images and text copyright Eleen Lin