Donnelly Marks
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
43-01 21st St - Studio# 329B
43-01 21st St additional entrance 43-02 22nd St


Artist Bio:
Donnelly Marks is a New York City based photographer and multimedia fine artist.

Artist Statement:
A found object or raw material can lead to new and exciting constructions or photographs in the most surprising ways.

My abstract photographic assemblages combine lifelong passion and work in photography and sculpture. The process is additive, like constructing a poem or assembling a collage or sculpture. I use free association while constructing element by element and unit by unit until the final piece is revealed.

These Photographic Assemblages are expressions of intuition, bold color, energy and a unique vision. The journey of creating these assemblages has been more that I anticipated, not what I expected and for me they hold boundless promise.

All images and text copyright Donnelly Marks