Donnelly Marks
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
43-01 21st St - Studio# 320
43-01 21st St additional entrance 43-02 22nd St


Artist Bio:
Donnelly Marks is a New York City based photographer and sculptor.

Artist Statement:
I am drawn to the expressive qualities of crushed, painted cardboard, rough concrete, rock and found objects. The strength, humor and savage beauty found in these rough and ready, raw materials take on new identities in my constructions. Teetering juxtapositions and precarious balances spring from working intuitively between sculpture and photography, injecting an unvarnished truth to my art and infusing it with the human characteristics of dignity, strength and vitality. The work of Dubuffet, Picasso and the Japanese aesthetic of imperfection are some of my inspirations, as well as Art Brut.

All images and text copyright Donnelly Marks