Celine Mai
Medium: Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Location:
Astoria, New York - Studio# na

Email: colorsofmai@gmail.com

Website:: www.colorsofmai.com

Artist Bio:
Celine Mai is a French artist based in New York City.
Born and raised in Paris, Celine Mai began exploring oil painting at an early age in the atelier studio of French painter Raymond Rene Bloch. She then transitioned to acrylics, then markers and digital. A graduate of the Sorbonne University and the Institut Francais de la Mode, she pursued a career in the fashion industry before becoming a full-time artist when she moved to New York.

Artist Statement:
My work explores the theme of feminity and introspection through portraits of women. Influenced by pop art and street culture, I simplify the lines with a clean black outline to signify order and structure while the vibrant colors express the intensity of the inner feelings of the subject.
I mostly use acrylics, markers and digital.

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