Neha Limaye
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Basking Ridge, NJ - Studio# Other



Artist Bio:
Neha Limaye... an expressionist

Neha Limaye is a self-taught expressionist of art who expresses her creativity through multiple mediums. She has exhibited her work in a number of solo exhibits and group shows in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area.

Neha continues to experiment with acrylics, oil, and watercolors on canvas, wood and more. She is an avid photographer who likes to capture experiences rather than just sights. She also expresses her thoughts in words through short poems and prose. Her craft is in storytelling and taking you into the moment to experience the emotion and the feeling that engulfed her at the time of her art creation, be it a painting or a photograph or a paragraph of words.

Having lived in three continents and traveled through countries from east to west, Neha has had an opportunity to interact with diverse communities and cultures. Neha believes that there is "one commonality" that holds the world together... that we feel, we sense, we believe and we express. That makes us part of something larger than the boundaries that divide us. That makes us the humans we are meant to be!

As humans, we have the gift of "thought and expression". Thought knows no boundaries. So why should the art of expression be confined to edges and boundaries? This one question is what drives Neha and her work. Just like her thoughts, her work transcends from one medium to another, one canvas to another wandering in a world that knows no boundaries.

All images and text copyright Neha Limaye