Christopher Fahey
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
923 Onderdonk Ave., apt. 2F - Studio# 2F



Artist Bio:
Born in Red Bank, NJ in 1983.
B.A. in English (Providence College)- 2001- 2005.
-began painting in 2002
-earned TEFL certificate and studied art/travelled in Europe- 2005-2006
-travel funding provided by friend and generous art lover, George Hessel (1939-2014).
B.F.A. in Painting (Pratt Institute)- 2008-2011
-one-to-one exchange program- Musashino Art University - Japan; 2009-2010
Currently: maintaining studio practice in sculpture, painting, and drawing in Queens, NY.

Artist Statement:
My work extends across media in the areas of sculpture, painting, and drawing. My inspiration in producing biomorphic/organic forms can, at times, be associated with a nurtured, potentiality of form - in a tactile sense due to the treatment of materials, but also in a cognitive one due to the implications of that careful treatment. When any form, whether sentient, or non-sentient, is nurtured, it is readily apparent to our senses, and what follows next is up to our imagination. Was the nurturing a "pre-existing condition"? Or is this nurturing "past-due"? I attempt to explore this energy of nurturing through patience, nuance, focus, and fluidity - that energy being as much of a height to be reached in process, as it is to be contained in the product itself. I endeavor to explore new territory of expression with each new work by manipulating various (sometimes found) materials and experimental processes which have involved intuitive, gestural cuts (of wood, plastic, cardboard, paper), painting, mark-making, manual shaping, and drawing. Seemingly dissonant shapes are first visited with passing glances and become conjoined through both different orientations of looking and a persistent hand beset with fluidity. In working, I am heavily influenced by the vacillation of my memory and emotions. The passionate fortitude of the artists that have come before me who have spoken of a similar sourcing for their need to create continue to inspire me daily.

All images and text copyright Christopher Fahey