Julia Roshkow
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
27-28 Thomson Avenue - Studio# 448

Phone: 718-392-2369

Email: julia@cartesiangraphics.com

Website:: www.cartesiangraphics.com

Artist Bio:
Julia Roshkow lives and works in Long Island City. She was born in New York City, and has lived there for almost all of her adult life. The grid pattern of the city is an integral part of who she is, and the grid-based nature of her work reflects this. Currently she makes very precise crystal collages under the name Cartesian Graphics, but prior to this most recent project, she has worked as a physician, a flower girl dress designer, and a greeting card designer. While she graduated from Harvard in 1977 with a degree in art history, as an artist she is completely self-taught. In fact, she frequently doubts whether she is an artist at all, and prefers to call herself a designer / maker.

Artist Statement:
My crystal collages are largely intended as wall art, but can also be displayed as three-dimensional objects. As my favorite way of working is to create particular pieces for particular spaces, I feel as though I have one foot in the art world and the other in the design world. When asked to state my occupation, I say wall jeweler. My goal is to produce work that is beautiful, joyous, and amusing. My collages have no hidden meaning, or any significance beyond the fact of their existence as objects of desire. I urge you to take them at face value, as their subject matter merely reflects my interests at the time, and not an agenda that requires explanation.

All images and text copyright Julia Roshkow