Bonita Kline
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
private address in Sunnyside - Studio# lower stud


Artist Bio:
Bonita Kline is a Master of Design from the University of Cincinnati where her thesis work focused on the translation of two and three dimensional forms. A design professional in NYC for more than 25 years, Bonita shifted her path to work primarily in clay. She also teaches design to young students in her private studio.

Artist Statement:
Time is just a concept.

At any moment in time, as humans, we are nothing and everything.

The student is to learn from the teacher. In the end the teacher learns from the student.
This is the paradox of the journey.

Paradoxical, opposing concepts use the same amount of energy.
Pain, joy, happy, sad, centered, un-centered, a line, a bend, a curve, a twist, a knot, a hole.
These are all just moments in time.

The union of a malleable material and a human moment in time.

The clay invites the opportunity to both preserve and appreciate just this, a moment in time

until we wait for,
until we move towards,
until we experience,

the next moment.

All images and text copyright Bonita Kline