Efrat Baler-Moses
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
171 Maple Street - Studio# basement

Phone: 7185419531

Email: ef4art@gmail.com

Website:: https://www.efrat-art.com/recent

Artist Bio:
I was born in Jerusalem, Israel and lived as a child and teenager in Israel, Winnipeg, Canada and in Boston, MA.
I studied Sculpture and Painting at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel and graduated with a BFA.
I won the Helena Rubinstein American - Israeli Culture Foundation Scholarship in my junior year.

I've been living in Brooklyn, NY since 1993. In 1998 I toured Bay area Colleges, Universities and the San Francisco Public Library for lectures and workshops on the History of Israeli Art and for slideshows of my art. I have taught painting and drawing at Israeli community centers and have been a guest lecturer at corporate events. I teach art privately and prepare young adults for High School portfolios and auditions and work part-time for the Tate Americas Foundation.

I have participated throughout my career in over 28 group shows and 5 solo exhibitions in the United States, Israel and Germany.

Artist Statement:
In my work I blur the boundaries between representation and reality creating an animated dialogue and perceptual possibilities both materially and mentally.

Influenced by the virtual and augmented reality experience I strive to create a hypothetical artistic equivalent. I create reliefs and freestanding sculptural paintings that depict evolutionary scenarios, interpretations and conceptual backstories of the painting itself. Mimicking how an artwork would look like if it could evolve into a concrete object or alternatively recede back into the 2-dimensional plane.

These are the stories of where the artworks came from as paintings and what they could become if they leave the surface of the canvas and be realized into a 3-dimensional world as a virtual animation of their 2-dimensional painted form.

Taking advantage of the front and back of the artist's canvas frame, I use the canvas itself as both a surface and an object by sculpting or extending the canvas cloth beyond the frame of the painting. I combine linear drawing and 3-dimensional objects on, beneath or behind the canvas melding them into the painting, and use texture, paints, strong contours and color to emphasize the painting and transitions into relief and onto objects. I choose still life and art about art to portray these stories about paintings that materialize to a more realized form yet still retain their painterly characteristics in the 3-dimensional world. The immediate subject matter in my work is not the ends but the means to create the journey for the viewer.

All images and text copyright Efrat Baler-Moses