Emily Klima
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
Reis Studios - Studio# 427
43-01 22nd Street

Phone: 917-907-4491

Email: studio@emk-art.com

Website:: www.emk-art.com

Artist Bio:

2018 November * Open Studio Exhibition * Reis Studios * LIC, NY
2018 September * Exhibition * The Factory * LIC, NY
2018 July * Exhibition * Plaxall Gallery * LIC, NY
2018 May/June * Exhibition * Plaxall Gallery * LIC, NY
2018 May * Open Studio Exhibition * Reis Studios * LIC, NY
2017 May * Open Studio Exhibition * Reis Studios * LIC, NY
2016 June * Exhibition * 888 Gallery * New York, NY
2016 Jan-May * Artist Residency * Reis Studios * LIC, NY
2015 July-Aug * Juried Show/JAM Gallery * Malvern, PA
2015 May * Experimental Space Gallery * Reis Studios * LIC, NY
2014 December * SCOPE Art Miami at ArtBasel * Miami, FL
2014 Oct/Nov * SpaceWOMB Gallery * NYC
2014 June-October * 215 Sullivan Street * NYC
2014 May * Open Studio Exhibition * Reis Studios * LIC, NY
2013 October * Exhibition * 308 Gallery * New York, NY
2013 Permanent Collection * Bank Of America * New York, NY
2013 April * Exhibition * Kent Home Gallery * Chappaqua, NY
2013 March * Exhibition * Laughing Lotus Gallery, NYC
2012 October * Solo Exhibition * Prince George Gallery, NYC
2012 Kent Home Gallery * Chappaqua, NY
2012 January * LA Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA
2010 October * Solo Exhibition * Prince George Gallery, NYC
2010 May * Gallery Show * JCC, Springfield, MA
January - April * Art Studio New York Gallery, NYC
2009/10 Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, NYC
2009 May * Solo Exhibition * Prince George Gallery, NYC
March * Benefit for Churchill School, NYC
2008/09 Intana Management * Office Gallery, NYC
Staging Co. * Soho Loft, NYC
March * Benefit for PS6, NYC
2008 May * Group Show/LWALA Benefit, NYC
2007/08 Art Studio New York Gallery, NYC
2007 September * Golden Eagle Gallery * Easthampton, NY


2018 Tax Collection * Social Media Platform
2016 TASNY * NYC
2014 December * SCOPE Art Miami * Miami, FL
2014 November * Finalist for Solo Show at Dacia Gallery, NYC
2013 March * Featured Artwork on Indiewalls, NYC (click here)
2013 Art In New York City * January (click here)
2012 www.more.com (click here)
2011 E! Channel * "Kim & Kourtney take New York"|
2008 September * WNBC LXTV * Art Studio New York
2008 April * Diva Magazine * Featured Art

BFA * School of Fine Arts, Boston University, Boston, MA
Parsons School of Design, New York, NY (Credits Program)
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
National Academy of Fine Arts, NY

DESIGN (click)
emkDesign * Graphic Design, NYC
Harper's BAZAAR, Hearst Magazines
Mademoiselle, Cond?? Nast Publications, Inc.
GQ Magazine, Cond?? Nast Publications, Inc.
Seventeen Magazine, New York Media LLC

Artist Statement:
Emily Klima is a New York City???based visual artist. She started her studies in fine art at Boston University as a painting major and completed her studies there with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Her love of that field???most especially typography???led Ms. Klima to have a full design career at several of New York's top fashion magazines, including GQ and Harper's BAZAAR, before she established a successful independent design business.

Several years ago, Ms. Klima rediscovered her love of painting. During this time she noted a strong need to defy what she had been taught about art making. From that shift in perspective Ms. Klima explores painting's inherently raw power.

Ms. Klima's art is alive with its particular flurry of color and energy, created with drips and splatters. Ms. Klima exploits her formal training in drawing, painting, and design yet breaks free of its strictures. Layered bursts of brilliant acrylic color hold collage elements???mixed media such as typography and free-associative writing, and other media, such as resin and tape. Ms. Klima has given fresh vigor to her love of painting by applying oil sticks, which give her dynamic and layered paintings a velvety finish.

Ms. Klima uses the guiding forces of structure and symmetry to manage the tension of positive and negative space contained in the frame. And she is always careful to incorporate a visual resting-place for the eye. Her engagement of formal aesthetic principles balance the dualities she embraces: order and chaos/discipline and freedom. "Composition is my first love," says Ms. Klima, "and every painting contains within it my process of moving from control to letting go of control, and back again."

All images and text copyright Emily Klima