Song e Yoon
Medium: Installation

Studio Location:
New York Minded Gallery & Studio - Studio# NewYorkMin
38-82 13th Street



Artist Bio:
2012 Art interview Online Magazine 28th international competition second place, Germany
Art interview Online Magazine 26th international competition Third place, Germany
2011 Art interview Online Magazine 25th honorable mention, Germany
KOREA Revolutionary Korean award offered by Sports Chosun Daily, Korea
2009 KAIST 'Total Eclipse' cash and solo show Grant, Korea

2017 Lee's gallery, Not be seen, Busan
2014 NewYorkminded, Essence, New York
2012 Soul art space, Busan
2010 Christinagallery, Mobius strip, Busan
Puriartgallery, Mobius strip, Jakarta
Mailbox, song e code, Seoul
2009 Daejeon City municipal Museum, Total Eclipse, Daejeon
2008 Topohouse 'Night time climbing', Seoul
2007 Guerilla performance 'Confront' Busan, Tokyo

2018 LIC Arts Open, New York
2015 Community Art Project, New York
2014 Community Art Project, New York
2013 Open studio ARPNY, New York
Yeagam art gallery, New York
'1010' Hutchins Gallery LIU, New York
2011 ASL gallery, New York
Yeagam art gallery, New York
'The Secret' Busan City municipal Museum, Busan
2008 Kopas 'Art party in the house' Auction performance, Seoul
2007 The Festival of Korean Experimental Arts (gallery Yogiga), Seoul
Art space Min dul le <Lie in your teeth>, Busan
Soul art space <Sea Monster>, Busan

2013 God saves Queens, by Newyorkminded, Miami

2018 Asia art festival, Sungsan art hall, Changwon
2012 'The Secret' Arco Museum , Seoul
'The Secret' Gwangjoo City municipal Museum, Gwangjoo
2011 'The Secret' Busan City municipal Museum, Busan
2009 'Total Eclipse' solo show project Grant, Deajun City municipal Museum Deajun

~2018 Graduation M.F.A from Busan National University, Major: Fine art
~2008 Graduation B.F.A from Busan National University, Major: Fine art

2018 <The study of intangible dimension through the media>, Published by Busan National University

Artist Statement:
<Artist statement>
This work is the first category, "Process Art', divided into four categories in 'Intangible Art' which is my theory. The title is 'The Masterpiece'. That is painted through the dropped paint from the high with wind and moving things. It is streaming again to the slanted canvas over and over. The frame with my history about artwork space and any memorable moment put in the bottom. My memory that saved in my mind is out from immaterial space to material space. The painting is keep painted with each other through the overlap.
It means that intangible power, free human's power, is keep conversation with our space. Saying again, I throw a question uncertain things and illusions, 'who paint of this work?' 'Who's thing of my memories?'
Through this painting process, 'The Masterpiece' shows the point of 'Intangible art' that form is meaning.

What is 'Intangible Art'?
I researched intangible dimension through the media with the theory of 20c media, modern science and philosophy. Therefore, I designate about my works as ' INTANGIBLE???ART' that is a new multimedia art genre. 'INTANGIBLE???ART' is a new multimedia art genre by myself, contact to between materials and immaterials that is expressing spiritual or invisible things thereby using various media. I was published by my theory 'INTANGIBLE???ART', what is meant and expressed through my works in a master's thesis, in 2018.
'INTANGIBLE???ART' divided into four categories depends on expression mode "Process Art, Medium characteristics of materials as light ???sound ???space, Moving and Cycling, Materialization of code and network" and wrote in symbol as M?? I. Process Art is displayed the process of progress for work of arts in the exhibition hall. Next, Medium characteristics of materials as light ???sound ???space focus on materials of light ???sound ???space's harmony and balance. Third, Moving and Cycling express overshoot daily phenomenon as gravity and evaporation through natural energy. Finally, Materialization of code and network shows the process of intangible energy through the online network.
In my works, I got to know, 'INTANGIBLE???ART' has a visible form as a process included invisible meaning.

All images and text copyright Song e Yoon