Vincent Hawley
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
481 Clove Rd, Staten Island, NY 10310 - Studio# 2

Phone: 9783873251



Artist Bio:
Since 2002, Vincent Wil Hawley has been creating unique pieces of metal sculpture and wearable art. Having received his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, he went on to graduate from the Gemological Institute of America in Italy as well as apprenticing in Florence, Italy. His work is produced with classic hand-tools incorporating some of metalsmithing's most challenging and classical practices including hand engraving and traditional raising/forming techniques. His current work focuses on his classical Silversmith training involving intricate traditional raising techniques. Vincent currently works out of his studio in Staten Island, NY.

Artist Statement:
By using certain shapes in my new body of work, I explore the transcending concept of the infinite and of time as a vessel. A vessel can be something that ferries or something that contains, resulting in time/object/space that can be manipulated. Copper itself is used to transport and/or hold along its planer and tubular surfaces. The surface can hold something such as stagnant light, energy and water (all indefinitely or definitely) or tender the object along the surface throughout eternity as a proverbial Charon.

Hand-hammering and raising these pieces from a flat sheet of metal, I have taken the linear and created an infinite. I have taken the infinite and made the finite. Using light and the physical object, I have mixed the physical and non-tangible to create forms that transport and hold.

Because of the vessel's ability to transport or hold, light, water and energy will "pool" in certain locations in/on/around the sculpture pieces. This allows it to create new life and death and adversely impact the ecosystem through its representative human qualities from its maker, while still being an inanimate object.

The pieces act as catalysts to a concept I've created: Anthropotrophic Cascade. This is the idea of the result of a trophic cascade through the anthropomorphism of an artistic object that results in an infinite/finite impact of light/time.

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