Mark Kremer
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
44-02 11th Street - Studio# 509



Artist Bio:
b. 1991, Indianapolis, IN, USA, based in New York City

Artist Statement:
My practice, in both research and creation, focuses on no less than three topics:

- The processes and mechanics of making. Providing a set of instructions to the maker as a means of exploring how we define authorship in the digital age. The intention is to highlight the qualities of that specific maker's process. Whether it be the artist, human, or non-human.

- Allowing the visual form of the artwork to illustrate the limitations or exceptional abilities of its maker, e.g. its stamina, height, arm-span, right handed-ness, precision/imprecision, etc.

- Activating the three-dimensional space surrounding the work. And representing the choreography of the maker in creating the work.

All images and text copyright Mark Kremer