J. F. Bautista
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
21-10 33rd Road - Studio# 4A

Email: artbybautista@gmail.com

Website:: http://www.artbybautista.com/

Artist Bio:

Since 1995 I work in the architectural field as an Architect designing buildings worldwide and providing services in the following categories:
-Schematic Design
-Site Planning & Design
-Programming & Planning
-Building Systems
-Building Design & Construction Systems
-Construction Documents & Services

SARA NY Associated

Architecture by J. F. Bautista
2019 Construction Management Projects | U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2016 Marine Terminal Proposed Building | Caven Point, NJ
2011 WHS BRAC 133 BIM Management | Alexandria, VA
2007 Medical Center | Jucuapa, El Salvador
2006 Barracks Buildings | Fort Irwin CA
2005 Base Camp Planning | West Point NY
2005 ROMEX05 Base Camp Planning | Babadag, Romania
2004 Concrete Barracks | Iraq
2003 17 Master Planning Airfield Facilities | Balad, Iraq
2003 NATO Headquarters Consolidation Program | Brussels, Belgium
2003 Orphanage School | Latvia
2003 Child Development Center | Brussels, Belgium
2003 Library Building | Vicenza, Italy
2002 Joined the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers EUROPE District
2002 Large HPFF | Picatinny Arsenal
2000 Deployment Facility | Fort Drum, NY
2002 The Booth Recruiting Center | Proposed design
1999 Pump Station Building | Green Brook, NJ
1999 Large Fire Station | McGuire AFB, NJ
1998 Control Tower | Fort Drum
1998 Simulator Center Industrial Building | Fort Drum, NY
1996 PS721Q Occupational Training Center | Queens
1996 PS721K Occupational Training Center | Brooklyn
1995 Joined the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers New York District
1994 Latimer Woods Industrial Incubator Building | East Brooklyn
1992 Golden Gate Inn | 3867 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn
1992 Harlem Hospital | Proposed project
1992 Triboro Bridge Offices Building | Proposed project)
1989 Harlem Community Master Plan | Harlem, NY
1988 New Era Bank | New Brunswick, NJ
1986 Casa Chinitos Orphanage | Bogota Colombia
1984 Advanced Studies Building | Quito Ecuador


I work in the artistic field producing artistic visualizations of all architectural projects that I'm involved with,
All artistic and architectural works are produced with various high end 3D software programs, however all my designs begin with sketches using pencil and paper.

Author's Bookstore

2018 Art by Bautista
2017 Gargoyles, Goblins, Ghouls, Zombies and Vampires
2016 Dark Second edition
2016 Ghost Architecture
2015 Utopian Architecture
2015 Urban Explorer
2015 3:19:2003-3:19:2013
2014 Architectural Hallucinations
2014 Empty Architecture
2014 Architecture of Subterranean Species
2013 Architecture in Black and White
2013 Architecture of Social Organisms
2012 Reverse Engineering
2011 Dark
2010 vag-a-bond
2010 J. F. Bautista Architecture
2010 Organic Mutant Architecture

Art Exhibits
2019 UNBRIDLED Fine Art by Architects (Curated by J. F. Bautista)
2019 Urban Dance (Photography Exhibit)
2018-2019 Off The Wall (Art Exhibit)
2018 Fall Salon 2018 - The Plaxall Gallery (Art Exhibit)
2018 LIC-A Fear Returns (Art Exhibit)
2018 Unnatural Selection (Art Exhibit)
2018 Fever: An exhibition highlighting global climate change (Art Exhibit)
2018 From Minuscule to Monumental (Art Exhibit)
2018 LICA-Summer Postcards Show (Art Exhibit)
2018 Showcase 2018 (Art Exhibit)
2018 Escape Velocity (Art Exhibit)
2018 CREATURE (Art Exhibit)
2018 HEAD (Art Exhibit)
2018 EXPOSURE (Art Exhibit)
2018 LIC-A@ATLANTIC:2018 (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Art From The City's Heart" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists LIC-Fear "Gargoyles" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Making Connections" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Garden of Earthly Delights" (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists "Walk with Light" (Art Exhibit)
2009 BRAZIL, MUNDIART (Art Exhibit)
2009 Brooklyn Art Project (Art Exhibit)
2008 USA, MetroXpress New York, NY (Photography Exhibit)
2008 USA, Look At Life Gallery (Art Exhibit)

Artist Statement:
Born by accident, dedicated to study Art and Architecture and forced to work!

All images and text copyright J. F. Bautista